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Over TEN years of successful business in managing bakeries.
SKY POS bakery software is a complete solution that suits your business, budget and good practice.

Software for bakeries

software for bakeries

Bakery Program - A POS platform that simplifies your business: from preparation and inventory management, to simple employee management and sales reports.

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For all those who want a higher level of business

POS system for bakeries - an efficient way of doing business

A simple and intuitive system that will simplify your business routine and at the same time provide you complete control of the business. It's easy to use, and our team is always available to help:

  • Faster and easier invoicing,
  • Easier communication of staff between production and sales,
  • Impossibility of any data manipulation,
  • Record of regular guests and discount management (Loyalty system),
  • Automatic closing of the day at a certain time,
  • Stability in the operation of the application.
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Sky POS and Sky TABLET - application for sellers

Center of your business

Sky POS bakery

SKY POS app is used by sellers and it represents the core of the business, since all operational work depends on them.

This application is designed for usage at a specific location. It works in offline and online mode, which means that in the absence of an Internet connection, it works smoothly.

When the Internet connection is established, Sky POS synchronizes with the Sky Office and sends sales information to the cloud server.

If we have a constant Internet at the Sky POS location, synchronization, sending sales information or accepting information from the cloud server (new prices, items…), is done automatically every 5 seconds.

You can use SKY POS on regular computers, All-in-one computers and tablets.

SKY POS application enables:

  • Logging in to the program with defined access rights,
  • One-click invoicing,
  • Work with barcodes,
  • Work with alternative item codes,
  • Easy application of the Loyalty system,
  • Easy deleveraging of sellers at the end of the shift,
  • Automatic conclusion of the day.

The Sky POS bakery software, beside the fact that business over the Internet, also provides support for working with multiple stocks and multiple business units.

Sky POS has everything you need to start and grow your business.

Sky office application

Application that provides you managing business in a cloud system which speeds up whole procedure.

Sky Office

SKY OFFICE application is used for complete management of Sky POS units. It is connected to the cloud server and cannot work without an Internet connection

Our software solution can help you perform:

  • Entry of goods and materials,
  • Internal receptions,
  • Transfer of goods to other business units,
  • Pricing control,
  • Inventory & write-off of goods,
  • Defining feeders,
  • Various codebooks,
  • As well as tracking total sales in an unlimited number of reports.

You can install the SKY OFFICE application in an unlimited number of locations (on a private computer, in the office, at an accountant office…), which means that it comes free with the SKY POS application and supports work on Windows and MacOS operating systems.

Sky Mobile application

A bakery software that allows you to follow business on the go!

Sky Mobile

The Sky Mobile application is intended for managers who desire to monitor their business via a mobile device.

This application supports:

  • Symbian OS
  • Android
  • iOS

SKY Mobile allows you to view:

  • More business units,
  • Financial transactions,
  • Employee registration in the system,
  • Indicators of minimum stocks,
  • (pokazatelje) minimalnih zaliha,
  • Graphic reports.

Best of all, the SKY MOBILE bakery software is provided to the user free of charge with a SKY POS or SKY TABLET license on an unlimited number of devices.

If you sign up, you have a chance to try SKY POS for free!

After registration, we will send you all the necessary instructions to your e-mail address.

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