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Over TEN years of success in the hospitality industry!
SKY POS catering software is a comprehensive solution that suits your business, budget and good practice.

Software for restaurants

software for restaurants

The restaurant software is designed to provide restaurants with all the necessary tools, in order to speed up service and increase business efficiency.

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Sky POS software for restaurants is ideal for any type of restaurant and designed to meet all the needs for all.


It is affordable and easy to use. This restaurant software is designed to provide restaurants with all the necessary tools to speed up service and increase business efficiency.

Sky POS makes management very simple, and there are a number of advantages:

  • Faster and better service,
  • Easier start-up and development of business,
  • Better sales/service.
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Sky POS and Sky TABLET - application for waiters

Fast and efficient service in your restaurant!


SKY POS and SKY TABLET are the most used POS applications used by waiters and bartenders and they are core of the business, because all operational work depends on them.

The SKY TABLET application does not differ from SKY POS in terms of functionality, but it is optimized for use on tablet devices.

Enjoy a POS system that is easy to learn and use. Give your guests fast and efficient service through fast orders and mobile POS terminals.

Our restaurant management system provides fast and precise service:

  • Touch-screen optimization,
  • 1 click to sell,
  • Graphic tables,
  • Happy hours,
  • Loyalty system,
  • Automatic closing of the day,
  • Work with tours and fast tables,
  • RFID cards and bracelets.

Management is easy and error-free!

Sky POS for restaurants and its graphical interface allows you to professionally manage your guests and the entire business within the restaurant itself.

SKY POS and SKY TABLET applications do not improve the matter and only in terms of restaurant management, but facilitate, speed up and organize the work process of the entire staff.

This software will solve many problems you encounter and raise your business to a higher level:

  • Faster and easier invoicing,
  • Easier communication of staff between the bar and the kitchen,
  • Lists of regular guests and discount management (Loyalty system),
  • Automatic closing of the day,
  • Stability in the app operation.

Sky office application

Without a cloud management application, software is just a cash register!

Sky Office

If you are looking for a unique software solution for managing an entire business, which is easy to use and works on any portable device, we have a solution:

SKY OFFICE application - part of our software, which allows managers and owners to easily manage POS units.

The SKY OFFICE application is used for complete management of SKY POS, SKY TABLET and SKY TOUCH units.

Basic functionalities:

  • Purchasing,
  • Return,
  • Write-off,
  • Catering,
  • Codebooks,
  • Supplies,
  • Automatic production based on sales,
  • Inventory with scales,
  • Unlimited number of graphical and tabular reports.

The advantage of the SKY Office application is that with its help you can, from anywhere, manage all your business data (at home, bookkeepers, in the office…).

You can install the SKY Office application on an unlimited number of computers, whether they use Windows or MacOS operating system.

Sky Mobile application

Restaurant software, which allows you to read business reports on the go!

Sky Mobile

This application provides owners and managers with insight into the business on their mobile devices. When you have an online insight into the current sale, open tables, the current stock on your mobile device, there is only one thing for sure, your everyday life will be unimaginable without it!

Installation of the application is simple and we provide all our users with an unlimited number of free installations, if they are users of the SKY POS software for restaurants.

Why SKY MOBILE is a popular application:

  • Work with several business units,
  • Financial turnover overview,
  • Graphic reports,
  • Account archive overview,
  • Overview of open tables,
  • Inventory review,
  • Review of employee check in/out.

Sky Touch application

Restaurant software that speeds up orders.

Sky Touch

The SKY TOUCH application is intended for waiters and provides them to place orders remotely. It is primarily intended for business, with a high frequency of guests, because it speeds up the ordering system and the efficiency of the waiters.

SKY TOUCH application reduces the level of mistakes in ordering process and increases the speed of service:

  • Waiter registers via PIN code,
  • Working with articles and groups of articles,
  • Remote creating and editing orders,
  • Issuing all types of invoices,
  • Loyalty system,
  • Work with tables,
  • Work with POS WIFI printers.

This restaurant software, with the installation of a waiter app makes it easy for staff to keep track of the type of order and simplifies the billing process.

Moreover, through a special display system, all orders are displayed in the kitchen, with goal to start preparing the order as soon as possible, which also results in faster and better service.

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